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Foresight LLC is licensed to practice within the State of Michigan. We are located in Newberry Michigan and focus our profession in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, more particularly Alger, Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties.


Foresight Professional Land Surveys of Michigan's Upper Peninsula Photo Gallery

Offering a glimpse of the life of a land surveyor, land surveying projects, surveying technology, and the beautiful terrain called home.

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"Clearing the Path" "Clearing the Path"
Bill McNamara is no stranger to the power saw or hard work. Bill does a great job!

"Corner in the Woods" "Corner in the Woods"
This photo was taken in early April after much of the snow in this area had already melted. The snowshoes shown are 48" long and accurately scale this shot!

"Equipment to Do the Job" "Equipment to Do the Job"
Foresight has the equipment that enables work in many types of terrain and circumstances.

"Lake of the Woods" "Lake of the Woods"
Land surveying lake-front property during autumns colors. Foresight's "office" can be a beautiful place!

"Land Surveying Near Lake Superior" "Land Surveying Near Lake Superior"
Surveying brings us to many corners of the Upper Peninsula. It is hard to beat a day's work at the "Big Lake".

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