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Foresight LLC is licensed to practice within the State of Michigan. We are located in Newberry Michigan and focus our profession in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, more particularly Alger, Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties.


Foresight Professional Land Surveys of Michigan's Upper Peninsula Photo Gallery

Offering a glimpse of the life of a land surveyor, land surveying projects, surveying technology, and the beautiful terrain called home.

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"Man's Best Friend" "Man's Best Friend"
Even our dog "Ranger" takes land surveying seriously - he is Foresight's "Best Friend". Cheer up buddy!

"Marker from more than 150 years past!" "Marker from more than 150 years past!"
Land surveyor "scribing" on the remains of this Hemlock Bearing Tree, circa 1850.

"Original Evidence!" "Original Evidence!"
Bill McNamara shows off this original section corner post found under water in Pike Lake in Michigan's Luce County.

"Our Roots Go Deep!" "Our Roots Go Deep!"
Unfortunately, this obstruction that was affectionately entitled "The Root of all Evil" was found along a property line that needed to be marked. Cutting a hole through this obstruction provided a "window of opportunity".

"Survey Witness Marker" "Survey Witness Marker"
Chris Weinreis proudly displays his witness tree marking skill!

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