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Foresight LLC is licensed to practice within the State of Michigan. We are located in Newberry Michigan and focus our profession in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, more particularly Alger, Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties.


Foresight Professional Land Surveys of Michigan's Upper Peninsula Photo Gallery

Offering a glimpse of the life of a land surveyor, land surveying projects, surveying technology, and the beautiful terrain called home.

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"Taking Advantage of Winter" "Taking Advantage of Winter"
Lake Superior's snowfall can be a blessing in disguise; allowing access across remote swamp lands.

"Upper Peninsula Morning Commute" "Upper Peninsula Morning Commute"
Sometimes just getting to the job-site in the morning is tough. Erik couldn't do this again if he tried!

"Upper Peninsula Sunset" "Upper Peninsula Sunset"
Working in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula has become a passion for Foresight and it certainly has its relaxing moments.

"Upper Peninsula Wilderness" "Upper Peninsula Wilderness"
Erik Lewicki, P.S. traverses through the thick forest of Norther Luce County, Michigan in search of a section corner.

"Winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan" "Winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan"
Winters in the Upper Peninsula can't stop the progress of Foresight.

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