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Foresight LLC is licensed to practice within the State of Michigan. We are located in Newberry Michigan and focus our profession in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, more particularly Alger, Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties.


Foresight Professional Land Surveys LLC of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Surveyor Endorsements

I had the opportunity to work with Erik Lewicki of Foresight, LLC on a commercial project here in Newberry and was very impressed with Erik’s knowledge and professionalism.

During the project, I had a number of questions for Erik, and he was always very prompt in returning my phone calls and was very helpful in answering my questions.

I plan to use Foresight, LLC for any of my future surveying needs and would highly recommend his services to others.

Lou Bennett
L. W. Bennett Construction, Inc.

Recovery of an old section corner post.  Erik Lewicki is directly involved with all aspects of the job from start to finish.

Having a need for some survey work completed on our property, my wife and I hired a relatively new business, Foresight Professional Land Surveys, to meet our needs. Thus far, Foresight has completed 3 jobs for us and a fourth job is ongoing...we are happy with the work done...COMPLETELY.

Erik and his employees display a high degree of professionalism in their relationship with clients. Their work is of the highest standard, with a special eye toward detail. Newberry and the surrounding area can be proud to have Foresight in their midst.

Michigan Land Surveyor testimonials

After working with previous surveying companies, we are sold on Foresight. They are dependable, thorough, and reliable. If surveying needs are in your future, we strongly advise you to contact Foresight.

Dave and Cindy Campbell - Pike Lake, Luce County
South Boardman, Kalkaska County

We are very pleased with the service provided by Foresight Professional Land Surveys.  It was a pleasure working with Erik Lewicki.  Erik was both prompt and professional.  In addition, Erik was very knowledgeable about the local history of land surveying and shared much information about the area with us.  We highly recommend Foresight for your next land surveying project.

Ron and Maryann McLean
Pike Lake, Michigan

Michigan Land Surveying along the icy shoreline of Lake Superior near Grand Marais, Michigan.  November 2007.

Dear Erik:

Thank you for the fine professional job you did surveying our cottage property…The extra phone calls, advice, and time you spent answering questions we had is also appreciated.  This is rare to find in the business world today, and we admire your work dedication in this respect!


John and Beverly Stark
Curtis, Michigan

We had the privilege of having Foresight Professional Land Surveys run some technical lines on our property.  We were impressed with the professional manner utilized to determine the precise location of our property.  Foresight was easy to communicate with and they were very friendly and accommodating.  We felt at ease and confident working with this company.

The land surveying equipment used is of the latest in survey technology, with knowledgeable personnel operating it.  The boundary lines that they ran were easy to identify for both the buyer and seller of real estate.  They provided us with final property survey maps that were extremely accurate and easy to read.  All of the work was completed in a timely fashion.

We will definitely use Foresight Professional Land Surveys service in the future for any of our need.

Merle W. Anderson
Twin Lakes Tree Farm
Newberry, Michigan

Dear Erik,

Thank you for doing an excellent job surveying our property.  I know this was a very complex survey that involved overlapping boundary lines as well as a road that curved through the property.  I also know that you spent much time and effort researching our property and the various easements that affect our property and the property to our west in order to ensure that the survey was accurate.  The time that you spent developing the new road easement and the property descriptions for the parcels of land that were surveyed for us is very much appreciated.

All the time and effort you put into our survey and developing legal descriptions is very important as we are in the process of adding a new pole barn.  As Cindy and I walked our property we were very impressed.  It was exactly as we had hoped it would turn out.  The lines, the new road, and the location of our planned pole barn are perfect. Erik, you and your team did a great job for us. Cindy and I thank you very sincerely for your time and effort on our behalf.

Sincerely yours,

Wayne Hellerstedt
Curtis, Michigan

The Manistique Lakes Lions Club contacted Foresight Professional Land Surveys for their services on a small lot that the club owns.  Erik completed the job in a timely manner to our satisfaction.  But he did not stop there.  He found boundary line discrepancies and worked them out.  He placed additional stakes than requested so that any club member could actually see the extra steps he had taken to give us top quality service.  He made copies of his work for our club members and he came to a meeting and thoroughly explained his survey and how he completed his work, all without additional charges. 

I had a brief opportunity to look over your survey work and while I have no "yard stick" for comparison, it certainly went far and above my expectations.  There is no doubt where the porperty lines exist.  I had expected I'd need to search the brush to locate the markers, but that was definitely not the case.  The boundaries are clear and the disruption to the trees and beauty of the land were minimal and less than I had expected.  My wife and I can't begin to express our satisfaction with your work. 

We had hoped to meet you when we visited last week, but my job required me to unexpectedly cut my vacation much shorter then originally planned.  We're still hoping to have a full uninterrupted week in late August to return and providing it works, we can get together and introduce our families.

If there were any additional costs involved beyond your original estimate, please let me know.  You've already done me a great fovor by sharing the cost (as our neighbor) and I don't expect you to lose anything more.

Give my best to your family and God bless.

Kevin Barker
Lake Odessa, Michigan


Professional GPS Land Surveying in the wilderness of Luce County, Michigan.

Erik and his employees are professional, thorough and a pleasure to do business with.  We predict that his company will do well and the community has a new business to be proud of.  We highly recommend Foresight Professional Land Surveys.

Raymond J. Lyon
President of and on behalf of the Manistique Lakes Lions Club
Curtis, Michigan

"We measure success with quality, one project at a time."

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